Resume processing and automated job matching.

Better and faster at finding matches.

Client: Large employment/recruitment agency.

Applied AI

Industry: HR services industry

Project Duration: 5 months

Automatically find the best candidates for a certain position

Solr, Lucene, NLTK, Scikit-learn

A positive result

The challenge:

A job position is send to several HR companies

The client wanted to be the fastest to contact high potentials

Many candidates in their database were not recommended

The approach:

Discovery workshop to determine needs

Interactive creation of mockups

Robolect proposed solutions that the company had not thought possible

The solution:

We created a parser to extract the information from resumes

We implemented the feature creation mechanism and trained the system

We integrated the solution to the automated sending of messages

The results:

One second after a job description arrives a ranked list of the best candidates is presented to the recruiter

The recruiter can decide what to do

The recruiters could focus on personal contact again