Profitable Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions


We create custom-made A.I. and Blockchain solutions: better, faster and cheaper

Better: Our team consists of in-house Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain experts on the master, PhD. and professor level and and extensive network of A.I., data science and Blockchain experts

Faster: With more than 20 years of experience creating Data Driven A.I. solutions and 3+ years of applying Blockchain technology our team knows which solutions work for a particular challenge

Cheaper: Our back-office of highly trained engineers and scientists in the Ukraine work cost-effectively

We provide everything required, such as inspiration workshops, consultancy, training and implementation to ease the integration of our solutions.

Together we bootstrap a successful data application and firmly place it within your organization.


Robolect is specialized in creating knowledge from data and using blockchain to improve business results

Different experts are required for different steps in the process of moving towards a more data oriented company.

Our team consists of more than 30 engineers and scientists with experience on all levels.

We are always focussed on a succesfull integration of our solutions into the organization of our clients.

Improved business results are the results.


No two companies are the same.

But but proven methodologies exist.

Our proven methodolody consist of the following user-driven steps:

Explore the challenges a company faces

Investigate and create a Proof of Concept

Create and optimize an intelligent solution

Deliver and assist with using the solution in the company


Tijn van der Zant (CEO), former professor in Industrial and Care robotics, started Robolect to deal with the demand from industry.

Lars Zwanepol has a master in Artificial Intelligence and 10+ years of experience of applying Artificial Intelligence in business environments.

Robolect: 30+ engineers and scientists creating A.I. solutions that work!


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