A Targeted Approach

Applying AI to business is not just applying algorithms on some datasets. It is about understanding your business needs and opportunities, about finding how AI can best serve your business.

  • Data Driven – Fact based strategy development

  • Results Orientated Measuring, predicting and adapting to increase performance

  • Research Led – We use research to improve the results

Our team of AI veterans and experienced business analyst cooperate with your team to discover and design a system that truly serves your business.


We are always up-to-date with the latest research


In our discovery workshop we determine the most valuable strategies and projects for your organization.


We use a large network of business, AI and Data Science veterans to analyze the results of your organization.


Continuously testing the results of strategies and project lead to optimal results.

Use cases

Resume matching

Resume processing and automated job matching. Better and faster at finding matches. Client: Large employment/recruitment agency. Applied AI Industry: HR services industry [...]

Paint fault detection

Paint fault detection Client: Large car manufacturer. Analysis and further testing. Industry: Automotive. Project Duration: 6 months. Goal: Classify fault in paint [...]

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“Companies that survive have a successful strategy. Companies that thrive have a successful A.I. strategy. ”

Tijn van der Zant, CHIEF SCIENTIST

Partners and clients

We trust our partners and our clients. Trust builds collaboration. Collaboration creates new business.

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